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Seniors Of Excellence NT Inc 
Michael (Mike) Foley OAM 
April, 2014 

Hello. For a number of years I spent a lot of my spare time working with community groups, rubbing shoulders with people of like mind, many of whom were then retired. On retiring in 2005 I decided to do something about acknowledging these people. However it took some time before I managed to put a program together that appropriately recognised and celebrated these special people.

In 2012, I started putting together an organisation with the aim of focussing on Senior Citizens 65 years+. I noted the different organisations these people supported and they included charities, community service organisations, hospitals, after school care groups and others such as Bush Fire Brigades, Emergency Volunteers, Meals On Wheels, Scouts and other youth organisations and more. Often without this help, many organisations would find it difficult to exist. These special people are our Senior Citizens.

In 2014, my organisation was ready to go. It was registered as Seniors Of Excellence Northern Territory Incorporated and in August that year, we welcomed and celebrated the first 20 recipients from across the Northern Territory with our Award. Since then the awards have continued, each year welcoming new recipients to the Seniors Of Excellence family.

I am so proud to have a small group of dedicated people who work as my Board (past and present): The Hon Willem Westra van Holthe, Sherrill Christensen, Kay Foley, Jacquie Dowling and Anita Davidson - all who share a like mind in acknowledging these wonderful people. And the response from people across the length and breadth of the NT in acknowledging their Seniors Of Excellence is nothing short of amazing. We are so proud of our wonderful Seniors and thank all those people who support them by nominating them for an Award they so richly deserve.  Mike Foley - President

Our Aims and Objectives & Mission Statement


Our Aims And Objectives

  • To encourage and support all Senior Citizens wherever they are in the NT, to improve their quality of life through positive attitudes, good communication and sound values.

  • To urge Seniors to put to good use the valuable life skills they have attained throughout their lives in assisting others less fortunate than themselves.

  • By way of example, encourage other Seniors to aspire to achievement and accomplish goals to the advantage of themselves and others

  • To share a common wealth of ideas and expertise through this program that encourages Seniors to recognise the value of achievement and self esteem that comes through community service, volunteering and other significant ways.



Our Mission Statement

  • To Encourage and support the quality of life of all Senior Citizens in the Northern Territory by urging positive attitudes,  achievable goals through communication and accomplishment.

  • To Acknowledge and Reward the voluntary accomplishments of those 65 years of age + whose contributions benefit their community and those who reside in it.

  • By Celebrating those achievements, encourage a greater level of participation by others within the community.

  • To thank those who go that extra yard to help others and revel in the wonderful feeling that accomplishment brings.

The Journey Continues
Seniors Of Excellence NT Inc was established in April 2014. Our August 2020 Presentation Of Awards event as part of the Northern Territory's Seniors Month Celebrations, we very proudly recognised, acknowledged and celebrated our 100th Award Recipient. This is a truly magnificent achievement and due entirely to our "No Winner" policy. This means that every nominee meeting our criteria, is recognised, acknowledged and celebrated as a Senior Of Excellence.

This is an important aspect that sets our organisation apart from most others. Since 2014 our organisation has become an important function in the NT and in the Seniors calendar of yearly events. We also thank the NT Government for its continued support of this event.
Our next goal is to take this wonderful event to the nation. If you are a potential sponsor who sees in our organisation an opportunity to share in a wonderful experience, get in touch with us today. We'd love to talk with you!

Quote:   A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

                    Charles Darwin


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