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What we do

We acknowledge and celebrate the amazing voluntary contributions that seniors throughout the Northern Territory have done to make a difference in their Community by presenting them with a Seniors of Excellence NT Award.


Our Affirmation is, "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things"

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Who is a Senior Of Excellence?

Anyone aged 65 or over who have Significantly and Voluntarilcontributed to their Community 

People we know - People we love - People we work with - People all around us - Everywhere - Every day

They are the Northern Territory's Seniors Of Excellence!

What is the Criteria for Nominating?

  • Anyone can nominate a Northern Territorian Senior Citizen whom they believe is worthy of a Seniors Of Excellence NT Inc Award in recognition for the things they have done voluntarily within/for our community. 

  • The person must be at least 65 years old and the contributions to the community, must be voluntary.
    Services to the community could be through/with the services of  Charities, Community Service Organisations, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Hospital etc.


  • Your nomination must include an in-depth biography of their voluntary work and have a contactable Referee.

  • All nominations are assessed by a selection committee and their decisions are regarded as final.

  • All nominations and the information they contain, are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Please save your Nomination Form after downloading it and entering your information and supporting data, then email it to
If you have problems downloading the Nomination Form please email
and we will send you a Nomination Form


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